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How it Works
In the prison system, each domestic call made by incarcerated family or friend to their family member in prison cost on average 23 cents per minute.
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Save 50%With Kira International, it'll cost only 6 cents or less per minute. That is only $24.99 a month flat for domestic calls. Meaning Kira international is saving you more that 50% of the amount you will spend if your family or friend uses the prison system network services.

Also, on international calls, which on average cost you $1 or more per minute. That means you'll be spending $300 a month on average for 300 minutes. With Kira International, it'll only cost you a flat fee of $69.99 a month for 300 minutes. Compare.

We at Kira International will give you phone numbers which are local numbers depending on the location of the facility where your incarcerated family or friend is located.

The family will in turn give the incarcerated family or friend the number provided to them by Kira International. This number will be added to the phone list at the facility where your family or friend is located. The incarcerated family or friend will call this number directly.