Kira International
Phone 1-631-983-3719
Frequently Asked Questions
Q1: What do you mean by Kira's local number?
Woman on phoneAnswer: Kira's local number is a number issued by Kira International to the family and/or friend(s) of the incarcerated.

Q2: Can an order be placed over the phone with or without a credit card?
Answer: Yes. Our professional sales rep can assist you in placing your order with a credit card 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If you do not have a credit card, a form can be filled out online, printed and faxed to us, accompanied with a money order or via a western union.

Q3: If an inmate uses Kira's local number, will it violate BOP policies?
Answer: Definitely not. Kira International adheres strictly to the BOP policies, rules and regulations.

Q4: I obtained a cell phone with local number where my family member (the inmate) is located. He/She is being charged long distance rate. Why?
Answer: The reason is that BOP has a strict rule in determining what is local or long distance charge. With Kira's local number, it will be a local charge because we work with a variety of companies that enable us to offer you great deals to save you money.

Q5: What if an inmate changes facility?
Answer: When a inmate changes facility, we will gladly give you a new local number so you can still save money.

Q6: What if my cell phone or home number changes?
Answer: Kira will work with you.

Q7: How secure will my information be with your company?
Answer: Kira International values your family member and your personal information. We are using secure services and servers to store your information. And other companies that we are partnering with in delivering our services are security conscious.